Life can be a challenge and our Groups can give you the skills to learn to balance all of life’s demands.

Groups are offered at different days and times throughout the year. Please call your local office for the current schedule.

Wellness and Long-term Change (WLC) is a research-supported, evidenced-based compilation group of 13 weeks including the Wellness Recovery Action Plan, which lasts 5 weeks and the Mindful Way Relapse Prevention curriculum, an eight (8) week treatment program that helps clients focus on the utilization of mindfulness skills to overcome maladaptive behaviors and emotional distress, replacing ineffective behaviors with effective behaviors for long-term wellness. The treatment manual is in development and will be provided.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a treatment approach that emphasizes the development of four skill sets: core mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance. This group utilizes a manual and focuses on the development and use of practical daily skills through twenty-five (25) structured lessons.  You will have weekly assignments to practice the skills and return and report to the group.  Participants will be expected to do their homework assignments, but the nature of the assignments are such that they fit into your daily routine as they are skills that generalize to life.  This is a research based program proven to be effective with most individuals who engage in the treatment. DBT Skills Manual required and costs $20.00.


Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a program that works toward the development of higher reasoning and better decision making. Through the activities related to several steps, participants learn the advantages of practicing higher levels of honesty, loyalty and acceptance of things as they really are. Skills relative to managing worries and letting go of what is beyond one’s control, prioritization, relationships, values and practical goal setting, the benefits of selfless giving, and other principles will be taught. You will be expected to do all activities in the manual which include several elements organized into twelve (12) different steps. Individuals can work at their own speed, but all are required to make some progress from week to week.  Much of the work is done outside of group and then presented in the group. Participants must bring their manual each week. Some individual meetings with the counselor will be required.  MRT is also a research based program shown to have good long term benefits. MRT Manual required and costs $25.00.


Spiritual Self-Schema Group (3S) purpose is to teach clients a set of skills for living a spiritual life that will be useful to them in their journey to maintain a life worth living. 3-S therapy is intended specifically for clients of all faiths who are motivated to learn new ways of integrating spirituality into their lives. The primary goal of the therapy is to help clients elaborate, strengthen, and habitually activate a cognitive schema — the Spiritual self-schema — that is compatible with their personal values. 3S is an advanced group therapy for clients who have completed their other group programs and are recommended by their primary therapists as candidates for the 3S Group. 3S Manual required and costs $10.00.


Child-Parent Relational Therapy Group (CPRT) is a 10-week commitment where parents learn the art of play therapy through a collaborative, supportive, and encouraging group environment. The initial three weeks are learning-intensive followed by homework application of providing recorded play sessions with a child-of-focus weeks 4-10. Parents will be provided the specifics as to what is needed for their home-based play therapy bag and the skills required to effectively be with and connect with the child-of-focus in a manner that is therapeutic and healing for both the parent and the child. Parenting skills are taught yet the essence of the group material is to coach parents in the art of being mindfully present with their child to allow their expression of emotion and thought through play and use of the play therapy toys which are the communication medium for children typically from age 3-11. CPRT Manual required and costs $10.00.


Group Rules and Expectations

Here are a few simple rules to follow in order to maintain a safe and productive therapeutic environment for all group members. The purpose of outpatient group therapy is to learn new ways to live a healthy life without using substances and other high risk behaviors as well as establishing healthy relationship boundaries in a supportive environment with others who may struggle with similar life circumstances. It is an environment meant to simulate your interactions with others in your life. It also assists individuals learn to be more flexible, resilient, and adaptable with themselves, others, and life. The success you have will be a direct result of what you contribute to the group.