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Kipp Dana LPC. Executive Director


Kipp L. Dana, M.A., LCPC, LAT  Brigham Young University: Bachelor of Science, Psychology, University of Phoenix  Master of Arts, Educational Counseling


Kipp is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. He has worked in the substance abuse and mental health field since 1989 and as a licensed therapist since 1996. His professional experience spans several service sectors including: secondary and higher education, community mental health, residential treatment, youth corrections, and substance abuse prevention and treatment.



Stacey Pearson PMHNP She helps with medical management for Evanston.


Cassandra Barker PMFT (Afton & Thayne) Cassandra is a Marriage and Family therapist.  She enjoys working with couples, parents, and children.  She very skilled in child therapy including: play therapy, art therapy, sand tray and more.  She also works with anxiety, pornography, addictions, and other family issues. In her free time she enjoys racquet sports, traveling, cooking, and being outdoors.

HCBH2016-8833Sara Burnside PCSW (Afton & Thayne) She has 15 years combined experience working in child abuse and sexual assault. She is certified child forensic interviewer, trained in the protocol of the National Children’s Advocacy Center as well as the protocol of the National Association of Certified Child Forensic Interviewers. She holds dual Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Psychology. She earned her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, going for walks, and exploring her new home. She is a native New Mexican and a recent transplant to Star Valley.






D’Andrea M. Chichester (Evanston) Associates in Criminal Justice from Colorado Technical University, Currently perusing Bachelors of Criminal Justice at Colorado Technical University. She has 8 years experience facilitating different types of social skills groups as well as MRT. She has been MRT Certified since January 2015. She loves anything to do with the outdoors and spending time with family and friends

HCBH2016-8726Annette K. Christensen LPC (Evanston) Annette enjoys all areas of counseling.  In her free time she enjoys reading riding horses, playing the piano, traveling, and spending time with family. 








HCBH2016-8744Marci Conley MSW, PCSW, CAP  (Evanston & Mountain View) Marci has a B.A., Psychology & Criminal Justice, University of Jamestown Master of Social Work, University of Wyoming. Marci Conley was born and raised in Casper, Wyoming, Natrona County High School graduate in1994. Growing up, Marci was involved in all kinds of sports, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball and track. After graduation, she attended Jamestown College to continue her track career and obtain her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Criminal Justice in 1999. She obtained her master’s degree in 2014 from the University of Wyoming. She brings 12 years of experience to the team at High Country Behavioral Health. She specializes in the area of adults, adolescents, and group therapy, substance abuse, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and mindfulness.





Stephen B. Cook Ph. D., Licensed Psychologist (Clinical Director for Evanston) He has 25 years of experience specializing in Clinical Psychology.

HCBH2016-8770Bev Fackrell LPC (Evanston)








Jennifer Gogol LPC (Afton)  Jenni has a M.S. in Community Mental Health Counseling and 6 years of experience. She specializes in Anxiety, depression, chronic pain, eating disorders, personal growth, grief and loss, anger, and stress management. In her free time she loves to travel, be with her family, play with in the outdoors, cook, and laugh.


HCBH2016-8898Sarah Hixson LCSW Clinical Director of Pinedale and Marbleton) Sarah has 23.5 years of experience in the mental health field. She works well with anxiety, depression, trauma, family preservation, and substance abuse.  She specializes with adults, adolescents, Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-transgender-questioning. Sarah also works in Client Advocacy and social services. In her free time she loves to cross country ski and introduce others to skiing. She loves to explore the outdoors including camping and hiking. She likes to spend time with relatives, especially her 91 year old mother but also enjoys meeting new people of all ages. She likes to travel and she love animals.





HCBH2016-8724Tiffany L. Hogue PPC (Evanston) Tiffany graduated from Weber State University in 2010 with her B.A. in Child and Family Studies. She went on to graduate from Utah State University with a Master’s of Rehabilitation Counseling in 2012. She has worked as the Youth Alternative Home Association Program Director until March 2016. She started at HCBH as a PPC March 2016. She really enjoys working with adolescents. Tiffany enjoys  being outdoors and spending all of the time she can with her family. She also really enjoys yoga, reiki and painting.






HCBH2016-8763Dinah James M. Ed, LPC (Mountain View & Kemmerer) Dinah has 11 years of experience as a counselor. She specializes in CBT, psychodynamic, DBT. She has extensive experience in Recovery from Addiction and as a Substance Abuse Evaluator. Dinah enjoys quilting, taking walks and hiking, watching TV and movies, and listening to audio books.








HCBH2016-8753Maureen Lyons MSW/ LCSW (Evanston, Mountain View & Kemmerer) She has 11 years of experience. She specializes in DBT, Early Childhood, and Trauma Focused CBT. Her interests include horses, Grandchildren and the outdoors.








HCBH2016-8843Elizabeth K. Miller (Clinical Director for Afton) She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Northern Colorado University, Greeley, CO. She has her Master’s of Arts in Counseling from Colorado Christian University, Lakewood, CO. She has been Practicing since September of 2009 and licensed since 2010. Professionally she enjoys working with teen-agers, families, and women. In her free time she Enjoy sewing, reading and spending time with her family.







HCBH2016-8892Ken Murphy LPC (Pinedale & Marbleton) Ken has 10 years of experience. He specializes in Substance Abuse, Veterans, and Marital issues.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 daughters in the outdoors as well as coaching his daughters youth hockey.







Cynthia Platt MS, LPC (Evanston) Cynthia has been a counselor since 2009 and working for HCBH for the last 5 ½ years. She is fluent in Spanish, She runs the Nedley Depression/Anxiety Recovery Program for lifestyle changes to support mental health, and Women’s Group where women can share and feel supported. She also has experience with severe mental illness, and spouses of addiction. Primary Treatment Modalities:  Positive Focused, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, And Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Personally she enjoys people and hearing their stories she is very family focused.

HCBH2016-8822Susan K. Potter PPC   (Afton) Susan specializes in DBT. She was raised in the Star Valley and loves the outdoors. She enjoys horseback riding, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, and time with family and friends. She also enjoys making aspen walking sticks and candleholders.








HCBH2016-8708Michelle Roberston MAFP, LPC (Evanston) she has 2 years of experience, She specializes in forensics, substance abuse, and domestic violence offenders. She enjoys camping, hiking, and fishing.








HCBH2016-8871Jaimi Scott PPC   (Afton & Thayne) Jaimi enjoys Child-Centered Play Therapy, DBT therapy, and Family Systems. In her free time she enjoys traveling and exploring new places, spending time with family in the outdoors, camping and enjoying nature.









Mary L. SimBarcelos MS, LPC ( Pinedale & Marbleton) Mary has 25 years of experience. She specializes in trauma, co-occurring disorders, PTSD. She enjoys working with women, children, and veterans. In addition she enjoys expression therapy with the arts and music, drumming, traveling, hiking, movement and music, and pets.







HCBH2016-8854Kristle Westover LCSW   (Afton)   Kristle has 17 years of mental health and substance abuse counseling. She is Intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy for mental health disorders, substance abuse, and drug court. She enjoys playing with kids, playing games/socializing, and being outdoors.







HCBH2016-8719Mejia Williams MSW, LCSW (Evanston & Mountain View) She has worked in community mental health for 8 years including 3 as a therapist. She enjoys working with SMI and SA. She grew up in the Bridger Valley and is excited to be back to spend time with family and joy the Uinta’s.





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