Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Basic Skills

Marsha M. Linehan  combined CBT with other concepts from mindfulness and acceptance.  The Basic Skills teach how to gain more insight into life experiences. This insight can be the key to help make changes in behavior, regulate emotions, and improve quality of life.  One of DBT’s goals is to create a life worth living.

If you are having a bad day remember the skills you learn in class and with your therapist.

Wise Mind

Balancing reasonable mind and emotion mind to be as skillful as I can be. Find your inner truth and wisdom.

What Skills


Notice what is going on inside and out.  Become aware of the moment.


Describe experiences based upon what was observed. (Non-Judgmentally)


Engage fully and completely in one activity at a time.

How Skills


Suspend evaluations, comparisons, judgements, and assumptions about self and others.  Don’t label good or bad. Don’t just yourself.


Do one thing at a time. Don’t take on too much at one time.


Be as effective as you can be. Focus on what works. Focus on what is important and do it now.